General Info
  • Earwigs are most active at night and are fast moving
  • They are often transported great distances in potted plants, nursery stock, other plant material, or in firewood
Where They Hide
  • Earwigs usually find shelter beneath stones, boards, debris, heavily-thatched lawns, or in mulched flowerbeds
What They Want From You
  • Earwigs come inside looking for food or a more suitable environment to hide
  • Earwigs are scavengers, feeding on dead animal and plant material, although some species will feed on living plants
Why They’re A Problem
  • Though earwigs will not damage the home or infest food supplies they are mostly viewed as a nuisance
  • Some earwigs will damage flowers and various crops
Tips & Tricks
  • Keep compost piles and decaying vegetation away from the house
  • Caulk windows and any foundation cracks to prevent entry
  • If you notice earwigs in your basement, try running a dehumidifier to make the areas less humid, and therefore less appealing

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