How do I identify bugs?


The first step to solving a pest problem is figuring out exactly what kind of insect you’re dealing with. An incorrect identification can lead to an incorrect treatment, which more than likely won’t lead to the results you’re hoping for. So let’s figure out what you’re dealing with first!

Identify the Issue

Correctly identifying what is causing the problem is the first step in solving it! Our Bug ID Tool asks you a series of questions to accurately identify what kind of bug is most likely causing your problem.

Why Identify?

Here’s Why Correct Information is Important:

  1. Different bugs require different treatment.
  2. Some bug problems are more serious than others, so it allows you to tailor a solution to your problem.
  3. You can learn the right areas to treat for a particular bug.
  4. You’ll know how to time your treatments or re-treatments.
  5. Some treatments cost more than others, so correctly identifying the bugs that are causing you problems can save time, effort, and money.