Baygon 24-hr Roach Killer

Power to kill roaches and their eggs in formation
Raid Roach Baygon 24-hr Roach Killer

Baygon 24-hr Roach Killer

Baygon 24-Hr Roach Killer is a bait format cockroach insecticide that is designed to lure cockroaches into the bait station to be fed. Fed cockroaches will return to their nest and die. Other cockroaches from the nest that feed on the dead cockroaches will also be affected by the active ingredient and die. It is proven to be effective to reduce cockroach population in just 1 week and each bait can lasts up to 3 months.



For best results keep kitchen and other areas free of food, debris, and moisture.

  • Break Baygon 24-hr Roach Killer apart. Do not open the bait station.

  • Place 4 baits in the kitchen and 2 in the bathroom.

  • Place the baits next to the wall along baseboards, in corners, under sinks, in cabinets, under appliances, near plumbing fixtures and next to trash receptacles. [Use the double sided adhesive tape provided and stick the station to the surface.] Do not place bait on surface where food is being prepared or on utensils that are used for food purposes.

  • Baits work best on horizontal surfaces touching corners and walls. You should expect to see fewer roaches within days.

  • Replace ALL baits every three months to keep roaches from returning.


  • Wash hands thoroughly after use.


  • Wrap container in newspaper and put in trash collection.