How do I get control of mosquitoes indoors?


You may not be able to get rid of mosquitoes entirely, but you can help keep them away with a combination of tips for around the home and the right products. Since mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, the first step in fighting mosquitoes is to cover or remove standing water in and around your home.

Avoid Mosquito Bites

Don’t Attract Mosquitoes

If you can, stay indoors during dusk and dawn when most mosquitoes are active. Avoid dark places, bushes, and tall grass if possible since mosquitoes seek resting areas that have low airflow. To battles like mosquitoes in your home, look for products that are approved for use indoors.

mosquito profile

What to Wear

Wear pants and long sleeve shirts when you know mosquitoes are nearby. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark coloured clothing, so consider opting for lighter colours.

Expert Tip

Work to prevent mosquitoes from coming inside your home. Use window and door insect screens in an effort to keep mosquitoes from coming inside.Clean up standing water to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds. Kill mosquitoes including the hidden ones with Aerosol mosquito spray. Turn on Liquid Electric Vaporiser to repel mosquitoes while your family sleeps.
Cover your arms and legs and use personal mosquito repellent to protect yourself when outdoors.

Did you know?
  • Only female mosquitoes will bite you; they use blood to produce their eggs!
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to perspiration, body heat, and the carbon dioxide given off by your breath.
Did you know?

Adult mosquitoes emerge 10-14 days after the eggs are laid. That’s why it’s important to remove standing water if you can!